Leather Care ProductsSpecialty Products

Most of you own finished leather furniture, jackets, bags or auto upholstery.  But if you have a speciality leather or a special situation, the basic care products may not be your best solution.  So here are some of the speciality leather products I use and recommend:


SG-50 Leather Rejuvinator from Advanced Leather Solutions


     SG-50 is leather conditioner and protector on steroids!  It is more expensive than most leather conditioning products (Selling for $29.95 at last check) but has been especially designed for worn, older, scratched and dried out leather.  It is a great product from some of the best leather chemistry minds in the business.  I use it when I really need to deep condition a leather sofa or car seat.  Click here to buy it. Or read some of the articles I have written about using it: