This is a fourth generation, family-owned leather and textiles business.

The Story of Leatherhelp.com

Leatherhelp.com is not just a recent startup, it is the culmination of 45 years in the trenches in the leather related services industry.  My dad John Repp (pictured at the right) along with a group of other people started New Life Service Company in New York in the early1970’s.  They worked to develop the early skills and chemicals necessary for leather cleaning, repairs and refinishing.  Some years later the original group spread throughout the country with Dad settling in southern Pa.  He has faithfully practiced his trade, run New Life Service Co., and provided for his family ever since.

At 10 years old, I (pictured left) spent the summer carrying buckets, cleaning up after him and learning the trade for myself.  Through high-school and college, I continued to learn from my dad working with him part-time.  Then I decided to stay with the company and became a leather repairman full time.

Over the decades, we have seen every leather issue you can imagine.  We’ve faced cracking, torn and faded leather in used cars.  We’ve done 1000’s of leather furniture cleaning and repair jobs in homes, offices, stores and warehouse facilities.  We even clean and restore the leather inside multi-million dollar corporate aircraft and huge private yachts!

Just some of our clients include- McCormick, McCormick Aviation, Baltimore Raven Stadium, Washington Commanders Stadium, Grandview Aviation, Skytech, NIH Bethesda, Federal Reserve Board, Siani Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital and School, Baltimore Convention Center, Comcast NBC Universal, Four Seasons Hotel, Marriott Waterfront Baltimore, Mona Hajj Interiors, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria DC,  and many more..

On a more personal note, the business was started was started to create a balance in my life between work and faith and family!


They sure grow up fast!