Luvin My Leather Pix and StoriesLuvin my Saddleback Bag

       I Love my Saddleback leather bag.  I have the dark tobacco brown briefcase.  I love it all the more because of the story behind how I got it. Here’s the story:

     Back in May I went to a business seminar in Franklin, Tenn.  Along with the great business development, the organizer was having a drawing for some prizes.  One was the Saddleback bag.  It was a prize because one of the business coaches was Chuck Bowen, next to me in the picture.  As well as a great business coach, Chuck is also the CEO of Saddleback Leather. 

      When my name was drawn for the bag I was shocked.  I’ve never won anything.  It was also somewhat ironic because i’ve been in the leather biz for most of my life.  Never have I seen, held or owned a bag as awesome as this one from Saddleback.  You got to check out their cool site and other amazing leather goods at the site:



      After this experience, I started to talk with Chuck Bowen and Dave and Johnathan Munson about lending my expertise to their products.  So now I’m pleased to say I’m an affilate for Saddleback leather.  


As and affiliate and supporter of Saddleback, I will add videos and articles from time to time to help other Saddleback owners care for the different finishes of Saddleback leather.


       They take lots of customer pix at Saddleback.  So I sent them one as a spoof on the "they’ll fight over it when you’re dead" slogan they use at Saddleback.  In this picture my kids are fighting over the bag and I’m not even dead yet.


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