Repairing Auto and Bike UpholsteryBONUS: Repairing auto interior plastic, fabric and carpets too.

While leather is our specialty, we repair many other surfaces inside your automobile.  Here are some examples of what else can be repaired by a leather pro who can also work on other areas of your automobile interior.

1. Fabric-  The seats, door panels and headliner all may be fabric on your automobile.  Over the years, I’ve seen snags, fraying, cuts, burns, stitching loose, staining, and more.  A good automotive interior repairman should be able to help you with any of these issues.  


Even rust staining on fabric can be removed.


Fabric seats with 1 or many cigarette burns, small or large can all be repaired.

2. Plastics- Door panels, dashes, consoles, tailgate areas and even some bumpers are all made of plastic materials that can be repaired.  Damages to plastic such as puncture holes, scratches, gouges, cracks can all be repaired.  Repairing such damages will save you both time and money on replacing the damaged parts.


Here is a common stress cracking problem to a plastic armrest.


This is a discolored area on the plastic edge of the rear lift-gate.  

3. Carpets-  Carpets in your car can really take a beating.  Whether discolored, torn, burnt or just stained, many carpet problems can be resolved by a good auto interior refinisher.

Discoloration on carpets can be redyed.


These are just a few examples of the many repairs that an auto interior repairman will face every day.  So when you have a good leather pro over to clean you leather sofa or car seats, check for any of these other problems and they may be able to help you with these issues as well.