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Hello.  I’m Chris the owner of NLS Leather Services and creator of  I’m thankful to say that despite the rocky economic situation of the recent years, I’ve managed to keep my business strong.  The strength has come from focusing my efforts on using the tools of the internet and social media.  As I learned them I was able to expand my influence and get more customers.  Some of the things i’ve learned are how to:

  • Build a website that creates trust, communicates your expertise and gets you more business 
  • Use your website to network within your industry and build referral business
  • Use Google Ads and targeted landing pages to drive local business to your company
  • Develop easy, residual income with affiliate marketing 
  • Use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogging to get more customers
  • Hire the right technology partner to build the website and teach you how to use all the tools of online marketing

Who can I  help?

Handy-men, furniture refinishers, carpet/uphostery cleaners and skilled tradesmen of all kinds-

My dad has been a small service business owner all my life.  Over the past 20 year, I’ve met many other talented tradespersons who started there own businesses.  They are great people. They are talented tradespersons.  They are NOT always comfortable building a successful online marketing strategy.  Many of them don’t realize the potential of using the internet find new customers. 

I want to help people like myself and my dad.  I want to see talented tradesmen use the internet successfully to get more business. I want to help you create an online marketing strategy that you can understand, implement and use to succeed.

Lets get started growing your business now:

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You can also learn more about me by looking around or read my story here.


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