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If you’ve been around the site you know that I’m not here to toot my own horn.  But this refferal is an example of auto leather repair that I think I can use to teach the rest of you.  I’m also pleased about referal cause this guy is a mentor of mine.  I was recently at the home/ training facility of life coach Dan Miller learning about having a great business.  As a force of habit, I peeked in the window of his wife Joanne’s Jaguar.  The car was beautiful but the leather was worn.  So I mentioned it to them and Joanne said how much she hated that the leather was worn.  So the next time I was in town I got to do the work for them.  Here’s what they thought of the results:

"My wife Joanne accidentally bleached the color out of a section in the back seat of her beautiful white Jaguar.  She was mortified and embarrassed.  Then Chris showed up to save the day.  In about 45 minutes he totally restored the beauty and elegance of that seat.  We were amazed at the quality of his work and forever grateful for his unique skill."    Dan Miller, author 48 Days to the Work You Love

Thanks for the kudo’s Dan and Joanne.   Joanne confided that she had used degreaser to clean the dirty seats.  I know for a fact Joanne is a great, gentle lady with people but everyone else, please be more gentle with your leather or you’ll need to call me too.

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