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Pets. An active family. Lots of parties. No problem. Check out these articles and videos from our years of experience helping consumers like you choose the right leather to match your lifestyle.

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1. Chosing leather furniture–  The articles in this section will help you to prepare to buy the best leather furniture for your lifestyle. 

  • Learning Before you Buy– In our experience with leather furniture consumers, before you buy leather there is some information that will help.  What kinds of leathers exist and which is best for me?  What are normal markings on leather and what is not normal or damage?  What common mistakes do people make when choosing leather furniture?  Are there good "animal friendly" alternatives to leather? Articles on these and more issues are in this section. 
  • Going Shopping for Leather– This section also contains articles on what to do when you go to buy your leather furniture.  What should I ask my saleperson to get the right leather?  Why do I need a leather swatch and how do I get one?  Should I pay extra for the leather furniture warranty?  We’re confident that these and more articles will help you get great leather that’s exactly what you’ll love.

2. Choosing leather Jackets and Bags– The articles in this section will help you pick leather bags that will work for you and that are stylish.

  • Learning about Handbag Leather-  Sure, if a bag or a jacket looks right you want it.  Who cares what kind of leather it is right?  Well the articles in this section will teach you how to tell what kind of leather bag you might get so you can protect that leather and keep it looking great season after season.  What makes a good leather bag?  Do I want leather or vinyl and how can I tell the difference?  What kind of leather bag do I have so I can follow correct cleaning instructions?  All these questions and more will be answered in this section of articles.
  • What’s hot in leather handbags-  In this section we will have pix and articles of whats hot and where the best deals are on leather bags and jackets.















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