Leather Repair StoriesWhy I give work away.

     I’m actually very happy to help people with any information they want about how to repair leather.  Most often though, I find they end up coming back for my professional services even though I never push them to me. 

     For example, I once spoke with an older gentleman with a strong German accent over the phone. Nice guy who wanted to try to fix a razor cut in his sofa.  I told him all I could about how he might try to do the work.  He thanked me and hung up.  The next day he called back and said after he explained his plan to his wife, she said no way and made him call me back.  I laughed and was happy to help. 

     On the other hand,  I have often finished a job and offered people tips like those I’m giving you that I knew would allow them to keep the leather looking good longer without hiring me again.  Less work for me but I’m happy to be a resource and it helps me build a loyal customer base in the long run.