NewsflashKeeping your Leather Beautiful leather professionals have been teaching consumers and retailers about how to care for leather for decades.  So click here for articles and videos on caring for your leather furniture, leather car interior, motorcycle saddlebags, leather jacket or leather bags. 

  Click on one of the links below to see the specific list of articles and videos:

1. Caring for Leather Furniture–  In this section, we have written articles and created videos about caring for your leather furniture.  We have pulled from our experiences over the years and bring you cleaning, care and placement information to save you some of the headaches we see every day.

  • Basic Cleaning and Conditioning- We find that the 10 words on the back of the leather cleaner bottle aren’t enough.  You need more information to correctly clean and condition your leather furniture.  How do we clean finished leather? nubuck leather? pull-up leather?  How often should I clean and condition my leather?  What about cleaning specific issues like ink, oil stains, crayon, ect?  All these and more information and videos in the Caring for Leather Furniture section.
  • Leather Placement and Care Tips- We see so many little situations in your home that have caused your leather furniture to wear out prematurely.  It doesn’t have to happen.  Where should we put the furniture in our room layout to keep it from damages?  What areas wear most commonly on leather furniture? What liquids should I keep off of my leather at all costs?  Learn from these articles and you will never need me to come and repair your leather for you.

2. Caring for Auto and Bike Leather– In this section, we have written articles on caring for your leather auto seats and motorcycle leather seats and saddlebags.  Leather car and bike seats face the elements so it’s important to learn how to take care of your leather so it will withstand the heat and cold and wet

  • Basic Cleaning Tips- These articles teach you step-by-step how to clean your leather furniture.  Do you have leather or vinyl seats?  Are there any ways to get the dirt out of the wrinkes in your leather seats?  What type of leather cleaners are best for your auto or bike leather?  Are there any tools I can use to better clean my leather seats?  After watching or reading this infomation your leather will look as good as the rest of your car or bike.
  • Tips on keeping your Auto/Bike Leather like New-  We’ve learned a few others tricks and tips that will help you love the leather in your car or on your bike.  What parts of your leather car seats wear most quickly and how can you protect them?  How can you prevent yourself from the most common enemies of your car and bike leather?  Look over this information by clicking on this link to Caring for Auto and Bike Leather. 

3. Caring for Leather Jackets and Bags–  In this section, we have written articles and made videos on caring for your leather garments, purses and bags. 

  • Cleaning and Care in Detail- These articles and videos will give you lots of insight on keeping your leather jacket, pants, shoes, purse or bag looking great.  How do I clean a suede leather jacket or bag?  How do I clean any color leather garment or bag?  What do I do about ink on my leather bag or jacket?  Does my leather jacket need to be protected from rain and sunlight?  These articles and more will give you the tools and tips to keep your leather stuff looking just like it did when you bought it.  Click on Caring for Leather Jackets and Bags to see a list of these articles..




Thanks to Jaymar furniture for all these great pictures of leather furniture around the site.  Check out there great line of furniture at

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