Repairing Leather FurnitureIs Leather Repair a “Patch Job”?


I often get understandable scepticism from customers about leather repair.  Anything they sell a "As seen on TV" do it yourself kit must be a rip-off right?  It’s true those kits are a rip-off but I’d like to give a bit of an explaination as to why we are confident that many leather damages can be repaired to look good and to last.

What I tell my sceptical customers is simple, we didn’t just make this stuff up.  We learned from the people who make the leather in the first place.   In many repair cases, we are simply shrinking down the leather finishing process that a tannery or leather finishing house uses to prepare, color and protect your leather before it is even a sofa.  Way over simplified, we follow these steps like the finishing house does:

  1. Tanneries often correct the leather hides they recieve.  They use products like "stucco" to fill and cover over obvious bite marks, scars and damage to the leather hide.  We also use stucco to repair scratches, gouges and small tears to fix your damaged leather furniture.
  2. Tanneries spray or rub color on the top of many of the leather hides they are finishing.  We also match spray or rub color onto your leather when the color coat is faded out or worn off of the leather.
  3. Tanneries also spray clear coat over the color coat of many leather hides to seal in the color and protect the leather from moisture and other chemicals that would stain or damage the leather fibers.  We do the same thing.  After repairing and recoloring your leather we will spray a matching clearcoat over the work to protect the leather.

So, results like you see above are possible.  They are not made up, harmful solutions to your leather problems but solutions patterned after the work of quality tanneries and finishing houses all around the world.   

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