Join the pros networkNetworking with my Competition?

Here are 3 trends I am experiencing as I attempt to bring my leather services business to the internet.  As a result of this post, I want to connect with other leather pro’s around the world to share information, referrals and support.  So if you see these trends too, let me know at  I’d love to talk.

1. The global village-  Just last week I networked with companies and customers across Spain, England, Canada and the USA.  I regularly get visitors from all around the world.  I know that embracing relationships with others around the world will help us to succeed.  

2. Competitors become allies-  I’m convinced that competitors will become allies on the web.  Sure we can refer one another for different locations, but what if we sell the same products?  I don’t think it matters any more!  On the web, your customers will buy not so much because you have vastly better products but because they connect with you on some level.  There are as many niche opportunities as there are personalities. There is plenty of room for us to sell products and share relationship as well.

3. Transparency is a must–  With the way people talk across the web now, junk products and poor customer service will not survive.  I can’t see the "as seen on t.v." leather repair kit selling much longer.  We have got to be genuine and highlight real, professional experience. 

       One of the best ways to be transparent is to recommend another person when there services are a better fit than our own.  Or to offer a customer a diy solution for a small problem instead of pushing them to hire us.Tough to give business away, yes, but is speaks volumes our image as genuinely customer focused.  So let’s connect and share experiences so we can support one another to find the best solutions for the public and raise the image of the leather services industry as a whole!


So agree with me?  Disagree with me?  Let me know. @leatherhelpguy on twitter or e-mail


Leather Pro’s how can we connect right now?

  • Right now we can share links on the web. 
  • Support one another’s new product launches. 
  • Compare notes on what works cause we’re always looking a better way. (Here is the paint system I am exploring now)
  • Even recommend one another to give our customers the best services possible.
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