NewsflashStressed by Problems with your Leather?

All of the leather pros at own or work in leather repair businesses around the country.  We take calls daily from stressed, frustrated even angry leather consumers.  It’s our job to help them, and you, find the simplest and most cost effective way to solve the problem that has harmed your beautiful leather furniture, car seats, jacket or bag.

Click on one of these links to see a complete list of the articles and videos:

1. Repairing Leather Furniture–  So many consumers we talk to don’t even know that leather can be repaired.  We want you to not only know the many leather furniture problems that can be fixed but the results are great.  The articles and videos in this section will help you to know everything you need to be prepared to talk with a pro about resolving most any leather furniture problem.  Learn more about the specific articles from the bullets below.

2. Repairing Auto and Bike Leather–  You love your car.  You love your bike.  We may be biased but we think it’s the leather that make the vehicle.  Most of the pros repair 10-20 automobile and bike interiors every week at local dealerships.  We can do leather carseat repairs in our sleep.  These articles and videos will help you know what we can do to repair the hole, crack scrape or discoloration on your leather interior, bike seats or saddlebags.  Learn more about the specific articles from the bullets below.

3. Repairing Leather Jackets and Bags–  My wife hate when i say this but just because a pair of leather shoes, a leather bag or your leather jacket are a little worn, it doesn’t mean you have to buy new ones.  Of course, I know many of you love your leather goods and do want to keep them but are anguished by the rip, puncture or fraying in the leather. We can help.  Check out these articles to see what can be done and to learn about how to best communicate with a leather professionals.  You can even ship you bags to us from anywhere.  Learn more about the specific aritclese and videos from the bullets below.

Here are more details about the information in these sections:

  • What Can be repaired- The articles and videos in these sections have lots of information on what kind of damages a leather professional will be able to repair.  Before and after pictures of all sorts of damages to any kind of leather.  Simple solutions you can try for common problems to any of these leather goods.  Even an explaination of the basic process for repairing leather goods. 
  • Hiring a Leather Pro-  We certainly want you to be an informed consumer if you decide that leather repair is right for you.  Articles on what to expect when hiring a pro.  Interview questions to ask a pro you are considering hiring.  Practices we beleive are important for any good leather pro.  All these articles should prepare you to hire a great Leather Professional.
  • Beyond Leather Repair–  At we want to be your resource for any leather problems you face.  So if your leather has a problem that leather repair can’t solve, we have information and resources for you.  Have a broken zipper or strap on you leather bag or jacket?  You may need a tailor.  Did a dog tear a large hole in your sofa?  You may need an upholstery expert.  Is your auto interior fabric but you’d like leather?  We will provide you with pictures of what these craftspersons can do and send you toward resources to help you with these leather related issues

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