Caring for Leather Jackets and BagsSaddleback Stain Solutions: Mold on your Leather Bag

Saddleback Stain Solutions: Moldy Leather

Saddleback Leather Finishes Quick Clean Score for Moldy Leather (1=uncleanable to 10=easily cleaned)

Chestnut- 8, Tobacco- 7, Cobalt Black- 7, Dark Coffee- 7

Key Takeaway: If you leather remains in a damp, dark place for a long time, it can get moldy.  Better storage will prevent this problem.  But if it does occur, the mold can be removed quite easily.  Read more for the details...


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If your Saddleback bag were to get wet, stay wet and be stored in a dark place, it may develop a musty odor and greenish, white powdery stains. This would be mold. It doesn’t happen too quickly but if it does you want it solved ASAP.

In this article I want to first, help you prevent mold growth to your bag, by telling you the best way to store your leather bag.

If you do start to get a moldy stain in or on your bag, we can get it out and prevent it from re-occuring.  Here are some tips on how:

(You may be thinking who is this guy and why should I listen to his leathercare advice.  So at the end of the article I’ll give you my creds and tell why I am helping the folks at Saddleback)


Tips on preventing and fixing mold on your Saddleback leather:


  • Don’t "Google it" for help- I have seen some crazy-bad tips floating out on the web for solving leather problems.  Aka at NO time should your rub a banana peel on your leather, Huh!! Instead find someone who knows leather, specifically Saddleback Leather, and get qualified advice.

  • Don’t use Febreeze, Lysol or another disinfectant on your Saddleback leather-  These products may kill the mold but can also cause harm to the leather. 


  • Store your Saddleback Leather bag carefully especially when you won’t be using it for a while-   Here are a few storage tips to prevent mold on your leather bag:
  1. Hang your bag when you store it, don’t let it sit on the ground.
  2. Be sure to check for moisture before you store it.  Dry out the moisture by carefully waving a hairdryer over the area.
  3. Try to store the bag in a moisture/ heat controlled area.  Neither the attic nor the basement are good places to store your Saddleback Bag.
  4. Cover your leather with breathable cloth, like cotton sheets, when storing. Plastic bags or coverings will cause excessive drying.

  • If you do suspect mold, the leather must be cleaned thoroughly with a ph-balanced, anti-microbial leather cleaner-  An anti-microbial, leather specific cleaner will remove the mold and prevent further mold.  You can check the label of your leather cleaner, but I know that SG-5 from is a ph-balanced anti-microbial leather cleaner.
  • Clean every surface, crack and crevass thoruoughly-  Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and buff all surfaces with the cleaner.  Then use a Q-tip or pipecleaner to clean in the cracks, at seams and inside the pockets.  Don’t miss any area.
  • Each Saddlebck finish needs special care-  The dark finishes, Coffee Brown and Carbon Black, will show the light mold stains more prominently.  Clean them thoroughly.The Tobacco and Chestnut finishes may darken a bit when cleaned, so buff briskly, don’t soak the cleaning rag and dry the clean, moist leather off with a dry cloth or hairdryer.
  • Double-check your work–  The day after you clean mold off your bag, check it over again carefully.  A second cleaning with the anti-microbial cleaner would not be a bad idea either just to be safe.


So I hope you don’t ever have to deal with mold on your Saddleback bag.  Store it correctly and you won’t. But if you do, this information will help you get it back in beautiful shape.  Again if you don’t have a bag yet…  click here or on the bag above to go to the Saddleback site and get one, they’re awesome.


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Why Saddleback?

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