Repairing Leather FurnitureEasy Do-it-yourself Instructions for Repairing a Small, Clean Cut in your Leather.

      Here is a video on repairing a small cut in your leather.  You should only attempt this repair on protected leather.  (See the knowing your leather article)  You will need just a few easy tools that you probably already have around your house:

       A soft, white cloth for cleaning, a small piece of thin, strong cloth as sub-patch material (cut an old t-shirt so the edges are not too frayed or get a piece of sub-patch cloth at the fabric store) , scissors, a paint brush w/ a round bottom, Aileens craft glue (Liquid stitch or Unique Stitch from a fabric store will do), a dull paring knife, a straight pin, a hair dryer, a heavy book.

Now just watch the video a few times through and give the repairs a try. 


       Even if you don’t find you can do the repair, your attempt will not damage anything.  You can always hire a leather professional to do the work for you. 


       When you complete these steps, you will have a solidly repaired tear that should not reopen or tear further.You will still see a line at the top where the cut was before you repaired it.  If you want a repair that looks more finished off, a leather professional can fill the line, recolor the area and clear-coat protect it.  You can check our service professionals section for the name of a good professional to hire. 


       Let me know how the process goes for you.  You can even send me before/after pictures to and I’d be happy to post them so you can show off your new leather repair skills.