Choosing Leather Jackets and BagsKnowing what kind of leather bag you own.

          I understand that you want to choose your leather bag because it’s beautiful, because its what you want.  But once you have the bag you love, it helps to know what category of bag you own so you can clean and care for the bag correctly.  There will be other articles on exactly how to clean, condition and protect the different kinds of leather bags.  This artilce is just for you to identify the kind of bag you own.  Also, there are far more than these 4 general categories but these 4 will help you with basic identification of the leather bag you own.

1. Finished Leather Bags-  These are the most common.  If the tag on your bag says genuine leather, then chances are the bag is a finished leather bag.  These bags come in all colors, shapes and sizes.  They are relatively easy to clean, condition and protect.  They are smooth to the touch, have a satin or shiny sheen and repel water without adding any extra protection.  Here are a few examples of finished leather bags:




2. Unfinished Leather Bags- These bags can be called unfinished leather, aniline leather, calfskin, lambskin or semi-aniline leather.  The key is that these leathers are soft, beautiful and DELICATE.  While they are a great treasure, they also need to be treated with the utmost care.  A good aniline protection creme or spray should be added to them to limit the staining effects of oils or moisture.  Some examples of these naturally beautiful leather bags are:




3. Suede or Nubuck Leather Bags- These bags have a knap, giving you a two toned, brushed leather.  They are soft and beautiful but do require protection and special care.  Here are a few examples of suede or nubuck leather bags:




4. Pull-Up Leather Bags-  These bags can be waxed or oiled to create a distressed looking leather.  This leather will scratch when it contacts your fingernail or a sharp object.  It does have a level of protection but will eventually stain from moisture or oils.  With propper care these leather bags age beautifully.  Here are a few examples of pull-up leather bags:




5. Faux or Synthetic Leather-  These bags can be surprisingly leather like.  While I am certainly partial to genuine leather, these bags have some advantages.  Many of them have become almost indistinguishable from genuine leather.  They are a humane alternative to a real animal skin.  They are very easy to clean in most cases.  Here are a few examples of faux leather:



Thanks to Wilson Leather and Saddleback leather Company for most of these bag pictures.  They both sell quality products.  Click on the links below to check out their merchandise.