Choosing Leather FurnitureLeather Furniture for Active Families


Leather Myths:

“I can’t buy leather, we have small children"

“I have leather because of our kids, now nothing bad can happen to the furniture”. 

Both myths!

I certainly agree that leather can be a great choice for active families with children of any age.  In fact, my wife and I have 3 active kids ages 5, 8 and 11 and we own leather.


BUT I think you need to keep a few things in mind to enjoy leather furniture with an active family:

1. Buy the right leather- We’ve been over this already in other articles, but it is very important that you buy the right leather for your family.  You want a quality,mid-grade finished leather.  It will handle the stresses and spills of normal family life very well.  Most stains should sit right on the surface of the leather and give you ample time to wipe them away without staining your leather.

2. Know what to expect- Yes leather can be great for families.  At the same time, truth be told, too many of my service customers call me because of a problem related to having an active family.  But many of these damages can be prevented if you know what to expect in advance.  Here are the top problems that I see so you may prevent them:

  • Ink damage–  Often I see a budding little artist who wants to practice their drawing skills on the leather.  Keep an eye out for it.
  • Seams broken at the top back attached pillows–  This one is caused when a family member, usually an older child and friends, leap over the back of the sofa or leans down on the back of the top cushions and breaks the stitching loose.  So have the kids jump on a trampoline, not the leather furniture.
  • Nailpolish/remover- Often I see leather that has been discolored when "someone" (when it happens nobody ever will admit it) spills nail polish or nail polish remover on the leather.
  • Bodily fluids–  Wipe up spit-up, urine, blood,ect soon and you shouldn’t have a problem, but if these fluids are allowed to sit on your leather for hours, they can remove the finish color.
  • Moisture–  Same with other liquids.  Most liquids will wipe easily off of nice finished leather if you remove them in a reasonable time frame.  Exceptions can be wet bathing suits, wet,salty/cold snow boots or hot liquids. Keep these off.

3. React quickly if possible-  As I explained in the last point, most non-corrosive liquids only become a problem on your leather if let to sit.  So wipe up stains in a reasonable time frame and the leather should be fine.  If ink stains your leather, it will set into the leather in a matter of a few hours to a few days.  It is much easier to remove ink if you get to it quickly. If a puncture or tear were to occur, having someone fix it quickly is also important.  Tears can spread either through the stress of normal wear or because small, inquisitive fingers pick at them.  So solve small problems with your leather quickly and they won’t become big ones.

Relax and enjoy- All that I’ve said is meant to help you prepare for the worst.  But for the most part, just enjoy your leather set.  Quality, mid-grade, finished leather is a good choice for the family.  Stains and wear that would destroy a fabric set will be easy clean-up for leather.  Don’t worry, plastic swords, balls, elbows,small belt and shoe buckles will not scratch or tear quality finished leather.


So follow these tips and 20 years from now when all the kids are gone, you’ll still have a great leather furniture…. and some peace and quiet. 🙂

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