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Solving Leather ProblemsHire Chris in the Baltimore / Washington DC area

Hire Chris in the Baltimore/Washington area


Damaged leather sofa before and after professional cleaning. Read more below.

*To all my valued customers- July 31, 2023 is the 19 year anniversary of NLS Leather Services.  Thanks for all your support and I look forward to serving you for many years to come!! 

“Hello, I’m Chris (Yeah that’s me in the picture). Thanks for your interest in hiring me for your leather cleaning and repair needs in the Baltimore / Washington DC area.”

You can e-mail me now at or call me with questions at 443-742-0980 for a free/ no pressure estimate to clean or repair your leather.  

Or feel free to read more below:

All of the information and experiences I am sharing with you at have grown out of my Baltimore / Washington DC leather services business NLS Leather Service. It’s the same business my Father started in 1975 as New Life Service Company. (You can read more about our story here)  I am still an active technician to the home and corporate furnishings, automotive, marine and aviation industries. If you live or work in Baltimore, Washington DC or the surrounding areas, I would be happy to talk with you about on-site leather services.

Here is the information you may want to explore before hiring me:

1. Read and Learn: 

2. Call 443-742-0980 or E-mail us with all your questions and pictures:  Have information ready for us such as the color, age, condition and specific problems with you leather.  Once I have that information we can usually give you a good estimate of the time and cost of restoring your leather goods.  If you want a more specific estimate you can e-mail us pictures of you damaged leather to me at

3. Check our references:  Call one of some of the many local retailers we have worked for over the years.  Ask someone in their customer service department about the quality of our work. Here are a few… Sofas Ect. 410-661-6600 or The Sofa Store 410-346-2400

4. Play it safe:  Have us e-mail or fax you our liability insurance and warranty information before we come out to your home.

5. Lets schedule the work:  Now we can decide just when and how to get your leather restored.   I can come to you if you live in Southern Pa, Maryland, D.C. or Northern Va.  Or you can ship me smaller pieces from anywhere around the world.  If I come to you, we can schedule a day that is convenient within 2-4 weeks of when we first speak.  Once I have done the work you can use you furniture, auto, boat or garment almost immediately.  And only when you are satisfied with the results is payment due in the form of cash or check.