Our Leather Pros NetworkBaltimore / Washington Services Testimonials and Valued Customers List

Here are a few customer testimonials from over the past decades.

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Denise in Annapolis said this when I cleaned and recolored her leather set:  "Definatly worth the $.  It looks so much better"


Susanna in Hamilton said this when I repaired scratches all around her antique bucket chair: "Fantastic, it looks so much better.  We got the chair cheap and saved $ by having you refinish it for us.  Thank you so much."


John in Lutherville said this when I repaired his Acura’s torn armrest: " Hey, the tear was there and now it’s gone.  Can’t beat that."


Shari in Reisterstown said this when I repaired the torn seam on her couch: " Looks great! Thanks so much.  I’m glad I called Shofers and they gave me your name." 


Jenny in Sparks said this after I finished sewing the seam on her leather otto: "The work looks really good and thanks for being so friendly to me and my 3 year old."


Vivian in Randalstown said this after I fixed tears in her vinyl dining chairs:  " It’s good to get it fixed.  I was getting tired of looking at those torn up chairs.  Thanks so much."


Here is a partial list of our valued customers from over the years.


Commercial Leather Furnishings

Wolpoff and Abramson LLP., McCormick Spices, Lockheed Martin, Newell/ Rubermaid, Fandango Productions Inc., Douron Corporate Furniture, Venture Jets Inc., Signature Flight Support Baltimore/ DC/ Washington Dulles, Va, Wells Real Estate Funds, Ect..



Retail Leather Furnishing

Nouveau Contemporary Goods, Hects/Macys, Leather Interiors, Gardiners Furniture, J.C. Pennys, Shofers Furniture, Little Pages Baltimore, Indoor Furniture, Glen Echo Furniture, Jarretsville Furniture, Cornerstone Antiques and more, Washington Design Center, Ect…


Moving and Storage

Von Paris Moving and Storage,  Chesapeake Logistics, Childs Express, Matthew Moving Company, United Van Lines, Odyssey Moving and Storage, Ect…





Misc (Leather Manufacturers, Marinas, Interior Designers, Auto Dealerships)

Natuzzi, Chateau Dax, Distinction, Jaymar, Berkline, Lazyboy, Ashley Home, Schumans Marine and Residential Cleaning, Riverside Marina, Baltimore Marine Center, Mears Point Marina, Papier Interiors, MCW Interiors, Herigage Auto Group, Koons Automotive, Tate Auto Group, Ect…


Thanks to all of you.  It’s been my pleasure serving and getting to know you over the years.  To hire me now just send me an e-mail to leatherhelpguy@gmail.com,

Thanks Again, Chris

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