Hiring a Leather ProRespecting my customer’s home, family and time.

         I see it as a privilege to have been invited into 100’s of customers homes over the years. I also see it as a responsibility.  I have met so many interesting folks.  Here is a blog entry I once wrote on the surprising joy of meeting people on the road:

Bullets, Cigars and Nudist Colonies.

Sure life on the road, in homes, on car lots and at retail furniture store is boring, except when it’s not. Like the time I cleaned a leather set in a cabin on a nudist colony, an eye opening experience to be sure. Like the time I saw the bullet holes through the front door as I walked up to it , went in the house and fixed the bullet holes that ended up in the leather. Like the time I fixed the cigar ash burn in the Rolls of certain Baltimore Ravens running back. Or most importantly like the many times I’ve met someone to fix their leather and ended up sharing their lives, struggles, pain and prayers.  

         That’s just a humorous aside. But I  do take the opportunity to come into your home and fix your leather furniture as a serious responsibility. Anytime you invite a stranger into your home to repair your furniture, stove, deck or whatever, I believe that person should respect in a number of ways:

  1. Respect your home: If you want me to take of my shoes, I should be happy to do so.  If I am working on your carpet, I need to cover it with drop-cloths.  If you have questions about any aspect of my work, I should be willing to answer them. I also see it as a matter of respect to carry a large liability insurance policy to protect your home in case anything would go wrong.
  2. Respect your family: I am always surprised how interested little ones are with my presence in your home.  Having three children of my own, I think it’s great.  In fact, I think I have a responsibility to be friendly to you, your children and your pets.  It’s your home after all and I’m just a visitor.
  3. Respect your time: I am a traveling repairman.  Traffic and travel to new places can make it hard for me to give you an exact visit time.  But I am happy to work around that and respect your time as much as possible.  I will give you a 1 hour window for my arrival.  I have done most kinds of work already and can give you a good estimate of how long the work will take to complete.  I will call you ahead at your request.  I can meet you early, late, over lunch, meet your mother-in-law, find the key under the mat, ect.  I have done and will do any of these to work with you and respect your time.

         These are certainly my rules. I also believe that any technician should abide by them.  Make sure that you hire a technician who will respect your home, your family and your time.

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