Hiring a Leather ProFAQ’s for Hiring Chris in the Baltimore / Washington Area

Here are the answers to the most common questions I am asked by folks who are considering hiring me for cleaning or repairs work:

1. What leather issues can you fix?

We can fix cuts, scratches, discoloration, stains, overall soiling, drying out and most any other issue related to leather.

2. Can you come to my work or home to do the work?

Yes.  After a free phone or e-mail evaluation , including a price estimate, I can come to your home to do the work at your convenience.

3. How much will the work cost?

Single repair issues such as a cut or a few scratches may cost between $125 and $175 depending on travel time and other factors. 

Cleaning can be done once or on a regular basis and will usually cost $45-$75 per seating area.  This service includes touch-up, stubborn stain removal, chemical protection and conditioning. 

Restoration of aged, sun faded or badly scratched leather will be more costly but is usually less than  25% of the cost of replacing the furniture.  For example, if a sofa cost $2000 we can usually clean, restore and condition it for $300-$500.

4. Is there a guarantee on the work?

The work is guaranteed for 1 year from the date we do the work. 


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Or feel free to e-mail me a direct question to chris@leatherhelp.com