Choosing Leather Jackets and BagsSaddleback Leather Help for holiday shopping

Shopping to get the perfect leather bag for that someone special (maybe you) this holiday season?  

Saddleback Leather sells the best.  As a 25yr leather pro who has spent a bunch of time testing and researching Saddleback’s leather finishes, I’m happy to share my knowledge so you (or a loved one) gets the best bag, in the right finish, for you this year.

Leather Basic’s- 

Saddleback comes in 4 finishes: Coffee brown, Chestnut, Tobacco Brown and Cobalt Black.  While all Saddleback leather is chosen, tanned and finished to the highest quality standards, each of the 4 finishes has distinct properties. 

Depending on your lifestyle, these properties effect how each finish will wear and age for you.   You need to care for, clean and protect each finish its own way for the leather to age well. 

Therefore, my goal is to lend my expertise to help you choose a finish that not only looks great but wears well and remains great as you use it over the next 100 years. 

Leather FAQ’s before you buy-

To that end, this holiday shopping guide is meant to be a FAQ of all the leather information I have given Saddleback owners over the past few years.  Each category below will cover the most common questions asked about choosing or caring for Saddleback leather with links to all the answers.

The question is the link to the answer.  So if you are interested in an answer to the question, just click it and you will go to the answer. 

  1. The best finish for your lifestyle- 

  1. Normal cleaning and maintenance tips-
  • How and how often do i clean my Saddleback bag?
  • What cleaner is best for my Saddleback bag?
  1. Protection, Patina and Conditioning tips-
  1. Solutions for specific stains-
  1. What makes a great leather bag?-

Still have questions about which Saddleback leather is best for you?  Still not sure how to best care for the Saddleback leather you already own?  Feel free to contact me direct…

Tweet me @leatherhelpguy or email me

… and Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a great new year too.




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