Leather Repair StoriesRepair Stories: When leather repair saves you from the wrath of your roomate.

Thank you, Chris. You did a wonderful job. My roommate said it looks great! Phew.

Best wishes,


Above is the content of the final e-mail I got from Rebecca in Falls Church, Va.  She called me because her mom had accidentally put a hole in her roommates leather couch.  He was pretty ticked at the time and she needed a way to calm him.  So she Googled "leather repair in Falls Church"  and found me.  When we spoke she was pretty worked up because her roomate was upset.  I assured her we could repair the damage and told her the price which was way less than re-upholstery or replacement of the couch.  I came out to the apartment when her roommate was out, fixed the hole and we hoped her roommate would be satisfied.  So a few days later I got this last e-mail.  Sounds like she felt relief.  Glad to have helped save her from the wrath of her roommate.  Here are the pix of the work: