Hiring a Leather ProMonthly Baltimore / Washington Leather Service Specials

    Here are the the special deals that I offers for my local customers in the Baltimore/ Washington Area.  Just mention when you call or e-mail that you saw them on www.leatherhelp.com. I will be happy to discount your bill or bring your free products when I come to your home.

To learn more about my experience, see before/after pix and read testimonials click here.


1. Pay full price for 1 service get the 2nd service in the same visit at 50% off.

  • Look around the house, in your car, in your home office.  If you hire me to clean your leather sofa then I will only charge you 1/2 of regular price to clean your leather car seats.  If you have me out to fix your home office leather chair for $125, I can also fix the annoying scratch in your sectional for $55.
  • No magic here.  If i’m already at your home for a repair, then I’ll give you the benefit of saving me travel time and travel expenses.
  • I have never officially announced this deal but have been giving this kind of deal to my customers for years.  Lots of the time I work on a customers leather sofa and the customer is so pleased that they are reminded of another piece of damaged leather in the house or in their car.  Then I’m happy to give them a good deal and have a more productive visit for myself too.

2. A 15% discount for active duty military.

  • With Aberdeen, Andrews, Fort Meade, Fort Detrick and more all in my service area, I’ve had the honor of serving many active duty military personnel over the years. 
  • I know you tend to move around a lot.  Your leather furniture can take a beating. So when it is delivered and damaged, call me so i can make it right.
  • From now on, i want to make sure to do more than just say thanks. Tell me about the work you need and I’ll give you my best price, then we’ll apply a 15% discount to that price.

3. Free leather care kit with a cleaning or refinishing job

  • Hire me to clean and restore your older, faded, soiled or worn leather furniture and I’ll give you a free leather care kit.  The kit is sold on the site for $27.90 on the site here and includes both a leather cleaner, leather conditioner and application tools. 
  • I’m pleased to offer you this deal.  It is a perfect fit with my company goal to help you find great leather and keep it that way for a long time.  I teach all my customers how to care correctly for there leather furniture anyway.  So for me to include the right products in this deal will only help you to keep your newly refinished leather looking great.  


4. $50 service visit coupon for a referral

  • If I’ve been out to your home and you’re pleased with my work, tell a friend.  When you do and they have me out for a service call then I’ll give you a $50 coupon for your next service visit. 
  • Just give them your e-mail address and I’ll send you an e-mail with a code to get you to a private page on my site.  Print out that page with the $50 coupon and when you call me next give me the coupon for $50 off that visit.
  • Keep the coupon if you need me to fix a damage to your leather, to clean and condition your leather car seats or to just have a me out for regularly scheduled maintenance.

To learn more about my experience, see before/after pix and read testimonials click here.

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