Repairing Leather FurnitureWhat damages to leather can be repaired?

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Often when I receive a call from a customer they say they’re glad they found me on the internet because, “I didn’t even know you could repair leather.”  So in this section  I’d like to show you that leather can be repaired with some sets of before and after pictures of the different categories of damages a good leather pro should be able to resolve for you.

Leather scuffs  We see these often in delivery damage work, on the edge of the sofa where everyone walks through the room or at the base of the sofa where the vacuum scoots past.  Repair is relatively easy and invisible in most cases.


Leather Scratches–  Sometimes its the dog, sometimes the cat, sometimes nobody will own up to it.  But almost always the scratch can be repaired to either disappear or blend into the natural markings of the leather.  Just like these scratches did from my customer’s dog.


Punctures in leather– Leather is a very strong material.  Although, a direct blow with a sharp object will put a hole in it.  I’ve gotten more than a few husbands who forgot they had a screwdriver in the back pocket out of deep trouble by fixing punctures like these.



Discoloration– Many chemicals can strip the color off of a leather sofa.  Sometimes it happens in a moment, as with a nail-polish remover spill.  Sometimes the discoloration takes years, as with the chemicals and oils from the hair discoloring a leather headrest.  Either way, when the correct steps are taken to prepare the leather and match the color, a good leather pro can return the finish to new. Like in this example.


Tears and Cuts-  I am often cautious about what I tell a potential customer can be done with a cut in leather.  If the cut is on the seat, arm or backrest, a stress area, I will tell them that you can perform a solid, lasting repair if the cut is 2″ or less.  If the cut is in the base, side or back of the piece, a non-stress area, then a larger 6″ tear can be repaired.  Within these parameters, a leather repair should be a great improvement on a tear and save you the time and expense of upholstery. Here’s an example of a repaired tear to a non-stress area.


Hand Sewing–  Extensive sewing must be done by a qualified upholster but sometimes smaller jobs can be tackled by a good leather repairman armed with a curved needle and thread.  These jobs tend to take a while but come out nicely.  Just be sure the holes are intact and not shredded or torn out so that the leather pro can weave the needle back through the old holes.  Like in this example.


This is only a sampling of the categories of damages to leather furniture that can be repaired by a qualified leather professional. Click here to find a leather pro near you.

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