Repairing Leather Jackets and BagsRestoring color to your faded or worn black leather jacket or bag.

Recently I recieved this twitter question:

@leatherhelpguy Any suggestions for renewing and protecting black leather coat? Color is fading some on the sleeves from wear.


        This is certainly a common wear problem on black leather jackets and bags. It usually occurs on the edges of seams, pockets, sleeves and shoulders.  The wear of the color coat reveals the off-white or grey color under the black.  If you get to the wear when it is minimal, it can usually be reversed and the area protected from future damage.  Though I have seen household suggestions like using shoe polish or black magic marker, I do not suggest these methods. I do have a solution that is easy and inexpensive.  Here are the basic steps in reversing this problem:

Supplies for repair: soft white cloth, hair dryer, rubbing alcohol, black leather color coating, rub-coat additive. You can find the products we recommend here Advanced Leather Solutions Professional Products.  They will cost you about $25 dollars.

Steps to the solution:

  1. Clean the effected areas with some rubbing alcohol applied to a soft cloth.
  2. Place a small ammount of the black leather color- rub onto a soft cloth and rub it into the worn areas on the leather in a circular motion.  Don’t place a thick layer of the color on the areas.  Your first layer will not completely cover the wear but will create a good, thin base layer of color.
  3. Dry the areas with a hair dryer.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 with thin layers until worn areas are returned to black.
  5. After color is totally dry, buff with a soft, dry cloth

A good black leather color rub will contain color and protective topcoat chemicals to help the new color to withstand wear and tear and the elements.  Hope these steps help you find a professional, inexpensive solution to this problem so you can enjoy the beauty of your leather jacket or bag for years to come.

If you would rather hire a professional to repair the damages you can contact me here for a free estimate to repair your leather jacket.