Choosing Leather FurnitureBuying used office leather furniture.

 As a small business owner with a tight budget these days, I realize that we need to stretch our $ as far as possible.  One way that can be done is by buying used or slightly damaged leather furniture for your desk chair or office lobby.  Also, I have helped many corporate  designers stretch the budget by refinishing the leather boardroom chairs or cleaning up the exising office chairs so the money can be spent elsewhere.  Here are a few tips if you decide to buy used or  2nd’s office leather:

  • Don’t shy away from minor damages.  If the piece is discounted by $125 or more then you can probably pay someone to fix the damages and still save $
  • Don’t shy away from older leather.  If it has been propperly maintained, older leathers can be even more durable than new. 
  • Buy leather not vinyl.  It will last longer especially if it’s already used.  See my leather or vinyl video to learn the difference.
  • Test the leather’s integrity.  Look for peeling or cracking or fraying in the surface of the seat or arms.  Also beware of staining or oil darkening at the headrest area.  These are signs that the leather may not last.
  • Try the scratch and dent section of your local store or even look on craigslist for used leather furniture.

In this economy, we’re all trying to stretch the budget.  Gently used leather furniture may be one way to save $ but still have an office that looks like a million buck.

Is leather furniture a good choice for you?

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