Caring for Auto and Bike upholsteryCleaning your car Interior: A simple tool that will make cleaning easier.

Often a simple tool will make cleaning the interior of your car much easier.

Here are a few pix from a job I did yesterday on a Volvo S40 to illustrate:


Here is a problem all of you with a light leather and vinyl car interior will face sooner or later.  The armrest looks dirty but it’s not sitting up on the surface of the material, the dirt has settled down into the grain.  


First, I’ll try to clean the area with a mild cleaner like sprayed onto a soft lint-free rag.  Even though vinyl can withstand stronger cleaners, I always like to use the mildest cleaner I can to do the job.  Rubbing over the area with the saturated soft cloth does not take off the dirt. You can see the product I used, SG-5, by clicking here.


Now I use the same mild cleaner but switch to using an ultra-fine Scotch-brite scour pad.  You can buy these at most any hardware store but be sure to only use ultra-fine on your upholstery.  As I rub the cleaner over the armrest this time the dirt is lifted from down in the grain.  Then I simply wipe back over it with the soft cloth and the dirt is moved to the cloth.

Clean.  Changing only to a more effective tool has made the cleaning of this armrest turn out well.  Give it a try.  It will help you better clean your car interior


Materials update from Chris:  I buy these pads in bulk from an auto supply store but I saw something similar at Home Depot recently for about $3. It was pink in color, had a sponge in the back and the scour pad on top.   Be careful to only use a ultra-fine or no-scratch pad especially on leather.