Caring for Leather Jackets and BagsProtect your leather jacket from the sun.

Nothing wears down your beautiful, supple leather jacket faster than the heat and uv rays of the sun.  Even the weaker winter sunlight can fade leather jackets.  On the other hand, the hotter the area you live and closer to summer you wear the jacket, the more real a problem this can be for your leather.  The sunlight fades the color of your leather.  The sunlight and dry heat dries out the fibers of your leather.  The sunlight can especially fade out a soft, lightly finished or unfinished leather jacket.  So here’s a few tips for limiting the damaging effects of the sun on your jacket.

  • A good leather conditioner/protector will protect your jacket from the damaging effects of the sun.  We use and recommend SG-25 or SG-50. Click here to buy these fine leather protectors.
  • Add an extra layer to the shoulder areas and top back area.  These areas take the most heat and direct rays
  • Don’t lay your leather jacket out in a sunny area or room in direct sunlight for an extended time.
  • Use leather conditioner more frequently during the hot summer months. Be sure it’s a good one or it will just add to the sticky or slippery feel of the leather. SG-25 and SG-50 condition your leather as well.
  • If your leather is starting to feel stiff treat it with weekly intensive applications of a good conditioner.  This stiffness will lead to cracks, tears and the death of your leather jacket.  Be sure to use a product made for the kind of leather jacket you own.  Be sure to look at our leather type videos to know what kind of leather jacket you own.
  • The same is true for other leather garments, shoes, bags, ect if they spend too much time in the sun.

So keep wearing your beautiful leather jacket.  Just protect it from the sun so it stays that way.


P.s.  A lot of this info applies to your leather auto upholstery as well.