Caring for Leather FurnitureCaring for Pull-Up Leather


       I love pull-up leather.  It’s distressed look ages beautifully over time.  This leather, more than any other, can become an heirloom piece that your children’s children will enjoy. IF, and here i add a big if, you care for it correctly.  I’ve seen it needlessly destroyed many times simply because the consumer didn’t know what they had and didn’t know how to care for it.  So do you have pull-up leather?  If so how do you keep it beautiful for generations to come?  It’s easy.

1. Do I have pull-up leather? Sadly, many times your salesperson will not know to tell you that you are buying pull up leather.  Ask them and if they know or can find out from the mfg, great.  If they can’t help or you already own the leather, try these 2 simple tests:                                                                                              

Scratch test-find a hidden spot of the leather and lightly run your fingernail across it.  Did it scratch?  Rub your dry finger across the scratch. Does it disappear?  If you answered yes to both of these ?’s you probably have pull-up leather.

Stretch test– Pull-up leather has “color-burst”.  press on a spot on the leather with your finger or grasp a loose area of the leather and stretch it.  If it lightens where you grab it, it is probably pull-up leather.

Appearance– Just looking at pull-up leather you usually will see two main characteristics.  It is usually satin to semi-glossy, especially if you buff it with a soft, dry cloth.  It is also usually distressed looking with shade variations, hide scarring as well as light and dark areas.

2. So if you do have pull-up leather then here a few tips for the general protection, care and maintenance of you pull-up leather goods.

  • Most pull-up leathers are susceptible to fading in direct sunlight.  Keep them out of it as much as possible.

  • Though pull-up leather will repel some moisture, water, oils and other liquids can eventually stain it.  Keep moisture off of these leathers or dry them by tapping out stains with a soft, dry cloth. Wipe evenly over an entire seat or arm section of the leather from seam to seam.  Avoid pressing hard in one small area.  Then buff to a shine with a dry cloth.


  • Ink, markers, and other dyes are very difficult to remove from pull-up leathers.  Keep them away from these leathers and call or e-mail a professional if ink or dye stains occur to these leathers.


  • 1-2 times a year you can apply a high quality leather wax to your pull-up leather goods.  First rub in the product and then buff to a nice finish with a soft, dry cloth.  This will protect the leather and keep it looking beautiful.   I recommend Obenhaufs Heavy Duty LP from Amazon.