Caring for Leather FurniturePlacing your Leather Furniture so it Lasts


One of my goals with is to teach visitors some tips about how to prevent leather problems before they happen.  I go to customers homes and help them solve leather problems but can’t help thinking that the problems could have been prevented.  One area where you can prevent leather problems is how you place your leather furniture in your living space.  Here are some tips for placing your new leather well in your living space so it stays beautiful for many years.

  • Keep the leather out of direct sunlight.  Even if you just close the blinds or cover the back of the leather for the hours of direct sunlight, it can save your leather from drying out and fading
  • Rotate removable cushions or move the furniture around in your living space.  If one spot is the best for TV viewing, it will often take the most wear and become faded, wrinkled or dirty far before the other seats.  When you move the  seating around it more evenly distributes the wear on all the cushions.
  • Watch the edges of the leather that are in the flow of traffic.  Often I see scuffs and scratches on the edges of the leather that face the hallway or doorway.  
  • If you have a swimming pool, keep wet suits off the leather.  Chlorine and other pool chemicals will wear the clearcoat and color off of the seats of your leather.
  • If you have your leather pressed up against a window sill, wall outlet or grate then the edges can cause indentations in the leather.  Those indentations can be hard remove if you move the leather and want the back to be out in the open. 

Consider some of these tips when you first get your leather furniture and you will save yourself a whole host of headaches down the road.


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