Repairing Leather FurnitureRemoving Scratches from Pull-Up Leather

Video solution to scratches in easily scratched pull-up leather

* always pretest this solution on a hidden area of your leather. 


Here is a link to Saddleback leather’s cool site.  The leather in the video is the chestnut leather. Thanks for the leather, Dave, Chuck, Jonathan, et all.



Written solution to repair easily scratched leather with pictures

Likely cause of the damages:

  • Most often scratches on the surface of pull-up leather are caused by fingernails, pet claws or belt buckles.

Materials needed:

  • A lint-free soft,cloth, Q-tips, SG-50

Tools needed: 

  • Hair drier with a hot setting, a flat table to sit the leather on

Estimated cost of repair: 

  • The cost should be around the $25 for this retail kit.   And remember this paste and instruction set can be used many times over for all your pull-up leather applications.
  • An in-home service visit from a professional would cost between $95 and $175 for scratches on a pull-up leather.

Estimated time to completion:

  • Again we will learn this better as you give us feedback, but an estimate is that it will take15-30 minutes to complete this repair.

Safety Precatutions.

  • there are few dangers with this repair.  Wash excess wax from hands after completion of the job.
  • If you work with a hairdryer on the high setting for some time, it may burn the tip of your hand.  Please use caution.

Level of difficulty from1-10 (1 = you can with little practice, 5= you can with some practice, 10 = youcan but needs lots of practice.)

3 out of 10.  You can easily repair this damage with a little practice.


Step-by-Step procedures so you can repair:


  1. Assess leather type and level of damages. Most pull-up leather will look like this one, will scratch if you run your fingernail over it and will have a shiny, waxy feel.
  2. Next you will need to examine the extent of the scratches. The number of scratches is not so important but the depth of the scratch will effect the outcome.  Shallow scratches will often completely disappear into the leather after repair while deeper ones will fade and blend into the leather but not disappear.  Understanding the potential result of any repair is an important part of the work for professional and for you.
  3. Place a thin layer of SG-50 conditioner over the scratched area with a Q-tip or pipe-cleaner
  4. Place a thin layer of the conditioner onto the rag and wipe it evenly over the surface of the leather around the scratch.  Work from one seam to the next, not just in a small area.
  5. Heat conditioner by waving a hairdryer at least 6” from the leather for 20-30 seconds or until the leather darkens a little.
  6. Examine the scratches and re-apply wax with Q-tip if scratches still stand out. 
  7. Then apply a second coat of conditioner to the larger area.
  8. Repeat the heating of the leather with the hairdryer.
  9. Finally, buff entire area with a soft clean rag till the surface is smooth and shiny
  10. If you have deep scratches to your pull-up leather, you may need a pro to help you.  Click here to learn more about hiring me in the Baltimore, Md or Washington DC areas.