Caring for Leather FurnitureMoving your Leather Furniture

 Need to move your leather furniture.  I get way to many calls from people who have tried to move thier own leather from the condo to the new house or from the house to the 4th floor apartment with disasterous results.  So here are a few suggestions so your leather still looks good after the move.

  • Wrap your leather in loose fitting plastic or blankets.  Keep it on the leather till you get it safely into the new room.  It will save you from scuffing the leather on a wall or scratching the it on the sharp edge of a door frame.
  • If you take the legs off the leather furniture, lift don’t drag it across the sidewalk.  I see way to many scrapes on the back or bottom of leather furniture because it scraped across a surface that ripped off the color like sandpaper would do.
  • If you tape plastic around your leather, don’t press the tape directly onto the leather.  When you pull it off it may take the color off the leather too.
  • Especially cover the leather if it is raining.  Wet leather is not good.  It may not damage the leather if it’s got a finish on it, but the moisture can lead to mold and mildew.
  • If you do scuff, scratch or puncture the leather it can be fixed.  So don’t kill your buddies for dropping the leather sofa… just make them pay to fix it.

So don’t fear the 4 stories of steps you need to carry your leather sofa up to get it to your new apartment.  Just follow these tips and you should be able to put it safely in place with out any problems.



Tips on Having your Leather Furniture Delivered

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