Choosing Leather FurnitureTips on Having your Leather Furniture Delivered

   Just bought that perfect leather furniture.  Paid extra for the store to deliver it to your home.  It’s not your perfect leather set until it’s safely in your home.  I’ve been out on hundreds of delivery problem calls for retail furniture stores.  Here are a few tips to help you make sure that the delivery of your leather furniture goes smoothly. 

1. Encourage the delivery crew to keep plastic or blankets on your furniture until they get it safely into the room where it will stay.  Many of the scuffs and scrapes I’ve seen could have been prevented by keeping a cover on the leather just a little longer.

2. Often you will see silver or white lines on your leather.  These are pencil markings that were used by the upholsterer who made your leather.  They are easily removed with a basic leather cleaner on a soft cloth.

3. Look over your leather carefully upon delivery.  Most stores have examined it before they ship it to you but they can miss damages.  Common damages to newly delivered furniture include scuffs on the edges, smudges on the leather, razor slices on the back or outside of arms.  If you will report the damages to the driver or call the store immediately, a good retail store will take care of the issue.

4. If you do find damages don’t worry.  A good retailer will have a relationship with a professional leather repairman.  They can come to your home at your convenience and take care of many damages.  If well repaired, the damaged area will be almost invisible and the same as the rest of the leather.

5. Don’t worry about conditioning the leather when it arrives.  You should be able to wait 3-6 months before needing to apply any conditioning or protection product. 

6. Finally, Enjoy your new leather furniture.  It looks great.