Caring for Leather FurnitureMfg. Instructions for Using SG-5 Leather Cleaner

Here are the instructions for using SG-5

from the Manufacturer of the product, Advanced Leather Solution.


To protect and preserve the long-term beauty of your leather it is  important that you take a few moments to review these simple care and maintenance steps.  While these general cleaning instructions will apply to all finished leathers, if is not always evident that the leather has a finish on it.  Therefore, always test in an obscure area before doing a cleaning task.

 One-Step Cleaning– This product has excellent cleaning propertiesl.  It is intended for use on "finished" grade leather however it’s applicable to most unfinished leathers as well.  As a note of caution some unfinished leather is very absorbent.  An example is calf skin.  This type of leather is very soft and supple however, it is also vunerable aesthetically.  Most unfinished leather is referred to as "full aniline" leather.  It is open-pored with no surface-sealer finish and will potentially darken with the application of any cleaner or conditioner.  Aditionally the darkening affect may be uneven and blotchy.  This darkening and unevenness typically dissipates wih 15-30 minutes.  In some cases it may not dissipate completely.  As a result, it is always important to do a test.  Apply some solution to the uderside of a cushion or such place where you can evaluate the affect, before you apply it to more visible leather panels.

To Use:  Place a tablespoon size amount on a clean, moist, cloth.  A micro-fiber or terry-cloth towel works great.  Massage it into the cloth and apply via rubbing across one section of the leather at a time.  Rub on to the leather for 30 seconds or so, allowing the cleaner to lift the soil off the leather’s surface.  The cleaner performs best if you let it sit on the leather for 2-3 minutes befor you wipe off.  Wipe off soil residue with a clean section of the cloth until all leather surfaces have been cleaned.  Rinse the soiled cloth with warm water to remove accumulated soiling from the cloth, wring dry and the cloth can be re-used.  Allow 1-2 hours to fully dry.