Leather Jacket Restoration


Why should you hire LeatherHelp?

To rejuvenate your leather jackets with our exceptional cleaning and repair services. Experience the timeless craftsmanship of our family-owned business, spanning three generations and nearly 50 years of service. Trust our expertise in leather restoration to revive your beloved jackets. We take pride in our tradition, passion, and unwavering attention to detail. Let your jacket tell your unique story with our meticulous care.

Thanks, John, Chris and Caleb.






“My 30 year old leather coat was in need of rejuvenation. It came back to me cleaned, treated, and spots/marks removed. I could not be happier! I look forward to enjoying my jacket for years to come. Highly recommend!””
– Mark Nelson

“Chris was very thorough in his work, as well as knowledgeable and experienced about leather care and restoration. I will definitely use him in the future for continuing care of my leather goods.”
– Peter K.

“Chris is a true professional and a master at leather restoration! I will never use anyone else for any leather repair or restoration. His work is perfection and he is also a very nice guy!”
– Kristin L.

“We have been doing business with NLS Leather Services for many years now and Chris is the best around at repairing and restoring leather and vinyl products. He truly has an art that you don’t find anywhere else around. Once he is done, your piece will look brand new again! I highly recommend him and his services for your leather or vinyl repair or restoration needs!”
– Jeremy S.


Service Includes...

Cleaning ?

Scratch Removal ?

Stain Removal ?

Re-coloration ?

Conditioning ?

Protecting ?

Waterproofing ?