Repairing Leather FurnitureYour best choice for leather repair: Quick and Easy Leather Repair, DIY Leather Repair or Professional Leather Repair

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"Hello, I’m Chris.  I’ve been in the leather repair industry for over 20 years.  I’ve seen and tested most every option for leather repair for my customers. Let me guide you toward your best leather repair solution through quality, cost-effective RESULTS! "






Article Summary:

      If you have damaged leather, I will help you find your best option for repairing your leather. Here’s how:

  • First, I will summarise the 3 main options you have for leather repair:
  1. Quick and easy leather repair,
  2. Guided DIY leather repair solutions or
  3. Hiring a professional leather repair technician. 
  • Then, I will discuss each option according these criteria:
  1. The damages can be repaired in that option,
  2. The time and effort you will need to get the repair done,
  3. The cost of each option and
  4. The quality you can expect from each repair option. 
  • Finally, I will give you links to contact information, article and video resources for each option for repairs.

Leather repair options in-depth:

1. Quick and Easy Leather Repair

When is a quick, easy repair solution right for you?  If you have an inexpensive, old piece of leather furniture that you just want to limp along for a bit longer a quick and easy do-it-yourself leather repair may be right for you.  Also, some leather damages are just so simple to repair that a relatively handy person can repair them with simple materials and good information. 

For example, a few months ago a mom sent me the message that her son had stabbed a hole in her leather ottoman.  It was a cheap piece from a discount warehouse store and there was no local leather professional nearby.  So I created a video for her on a simple DIY repair for the problem. 

Here are the details on when and how a quick and easy diy leather repair solution might be right for you:

How NOT to do quick and easy DIY Leather repairs- I keep a pretty close eye on the leather repair market.  Please do not use an as seen on TV leather repair kit.  I get lots of calls where I not only need to do a repair but also get off the nasty looking kit repair before I can work. Please do not try hair spray, banana peels or oatmeal as a leather home remedy (I’ve seen all of these for real).  Please learn from a leather pro not a person who writes a blog with a leather repair article one day and a how to do your own taxes article the next.

What can You Repair- Small clean cuts, minor scrapes to the edges of a sofa or chair, surface scratches in bi-cast, pull-up or some finished leathers, and certain stains on finished, pull-up and nu buck leathers

Time and Effort-  This is a DIY option.  You will have to gather the tools and materials.  You will need to read or watch instructions.  You will need to practice then perform the repairs yourself.  Of course, some people feel a sense of satisfaction at doing this themselves.

Cost-  A quick and easy DIY leather repair will usually cost $10 or less.  Most of the tools and materials for the repairs are ones you already own.

Repair Quality- Even from a good instructional video,  quick and easy DIY leather repairs are intended as a short-term fix and intended to hide not perfectly repair the damages. But considering the natural variations of leather, a DIY repair may be just fine for your needs.

Resources- (Keep checking back as I will add more articles to this section as I find or create good ones.) 

Click on an article or video title to see it.

2. Guided DIY Leather Repair Solutions

Between a quick and easy leather repair and hiring a good leather professional there exists a number of good programs where a company will supply you with the materials and the knowhow to repair your own leather furniture.

What can a Good DIY Kit or Program Help you Repair– With the guidance of a good DIY program you can repair many leather damages.  You can repair scratches, scrapes, discolouration and even renew the color of your finished leather furniture.  The key to this solution is that the repair kit/program provider will be available to give you written or video instructions all the way from start to finish of your project.

Time and Effort– Again, you will be doing the work on this one.  Being handy and interested in trying new home improvement projects is important to succeed with a guided DIY program.  You will spend time ordering the products, reading or watching the repair instructions, practicing the repair techniques and completing the repairs.

Cost-  The cost of a good DIY program or kit can be about 1/2 the cost of hiring a good leather professional.  Also you may have left over materials that you can use for another repair in the future.  But if you have a local pro in your area, run the leather repair project by them too because sometimes hiring a pro will be almost the same cost.

Repair Quality-If you have an handy side, take your time and work with a good DIY program, you can get quality repairs of about %80 what a leather professional could provide.

Resources-  The guided DiY leather repair solution I recommend is from ADV Leather solutions.  Click here to read more about the program.

3. Professional Leather Repair

If you don’t want to take the time to do your own leather repair you may want to just hire a good leather repair professional. 

What can a Good Leather Repairman Repair- A seasoned leather repair professional can repair many leather damages for you.  A good pro will have repaired man of each of these problems; cuts, scrapes, scratches, stains, fading, discoloration, drying/aged leather, punctures, pet damages and more.

Time and Effort-  All you need to do is take the time to find a good pro.  Once you do that, many good pros will be able to schedule the work at your convenience and in your home.  Once the work is completed you will need to let the leather sit untouched for a few hours but then it is ready to use.

Cost- Leather repair costs can vary.  As single damage repair can cost anywhere from $95 to $150.  Cleaning and refinishing of older, worn leather costs more but should still be less than %20 of the replacement cost of the leather furniture.  For example, if a leather sofa cost $2000 new, it should be able to be cleaned or restored for $300-$400.

Repair Quality-  A quality leather repairman will be able to do many repairs like new.  Other damages, like cat scratches and some cuts, will not disappear but will blend into the natural finish of the leather.