Caring for Auto and Bike upholsteryRestoring your auto interior to sell it quicker and for a better price.


Over the years, I have gotten many calls from car owner who are interested in fixing up their car’s interior so they can sell it.  While they may have to put some time and money into the work, I think it is well worth it.  For instance, I do about 60% of my work for used car dealerships.  The managers, who don’t like to spend $ they don’t need to spend, believe that it is worth paying me to fix up scuffs, burns, scratches, tears and stains.  They know doing so will help a car to present much better to a potential customer.  So here are a few of the things you should do or pay a pro to do to sell your car quicker and for a better price.

  • Cigarette burns and smell- Most people interested in buying your car will not want it if it lCooks and smells like an ashtray.  Cigarette burns can be fixed and smoke smell can be aired out. 
  • Clean up your leather- Dirty, worn or torn leather also turns off a buyer.  It can be cleaned and repaired.  Conditioning it can return some of the leather smell to the car.  Surprisingly smells really matter when your trying to sell your car.
  • Clean up the heavy, noticeable stains- Koolaid, Tar and coffee stains all can turn of a choosy buyer.  Try to scrub them out or a pro can dye over the stains if they won’t clean.
  • Remove surface scratches from the doors and dash- Many cars get scratched up on the doors and dash.  These scratches are easy to remove (See the article on plastic scratch removal) and give the car a nice clean look.

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