Repairing Leather FurnitureRestoring worn, faded or dirty leather furniture in the Baltimore , Washington DC region
"Hello, I'm Chris the creator of (Yes, that's me in the picture)  Thanks for your interest in the restoration of your leather furniture. I have helped 100's of leather furniture owners save lots of money by restoring their leather furniture (See before/after picture examples below). I'd be happy to do the same for you."

In the Baltimore, Washington DC or Northern Va region, feel free to contact me now with your questions by calling 443-742-0980 or e-mail

*To all my valued customers: This July 2023 is our 19 year anniversary.  Thanks for trusting me with all your leather repair needs and I look forward to serving you for many years to come! 

With a quick conversation or e-mail exchange, I will be able to tell you if your leather furniture is a good candidate for restoration, how much time it will take to restore, and how much it will cost to restore it. 

I guarantee that my price will be a fraction of the cost to buy new leather furniture. I will tell you the exact price up front. And you don’t pay until I’m done and your leather furniture looks great.


Contact me now for a free estimate or learn more and see examples below


Now I’ll cover the three main issues my customers ask about before we work together:

  1. Learn why I think I can save you $1000’s with leather restoration
  2. See pictures of leather furniture sets I have restored over the years 
  3. Learn the process of working with me from start to finish.


1. Here’s why I think I can save you $1000’s with leather restoration

  • It’s like restoring a good wood table–  Often the paint is chipped, the varnish is worn down but the wood is still strong.  It’s the same with leather.  I see many leather furniture sets whose leather is strong even when the surface color on the leather is faded, dirty, scratched or worn.  A good leather refinsher can treat the leather and restore the finish to revive the beauty of the leather.
  • New leather costs $1000’s, restoration costs $100’s-  I can usually refinish a leather sofa for 20-30% of what it costs to replace the leather.  So if you’d need to pay $2000 for a nice new sofa, I can restore your older one for $400-500 saving you the $1500 difference.
  • I’ve done it 100’s of times-  I know I can save you the $ and give you a fresh, restored leather furnture set because I’ve done it for 100’s of customers over the last 15 years.

2. Here are pictures of some of the leather furniture I have restored over the years.

Quality leather but with extensive finish loss


Here is a creme leather sofa that had lost much of the color coat on the seats and arms. It was cleaned incorrectly and the customer had a dog that licked the sofa. Once I restored the color the set was as good as new.

Faded Brown Leather Set 


Here is the chair of a leather sofa, loveseat and otto set that I restored for a customer in Northern Va.  It was sun-faded and dried out from years of use.


Light Colored Leather Sectional Dirty from Use

Here is a picture looking down at the wedge of an off-white leather sectional.  I have partially completed the clean, repair, recolor and condition job.  I see many light leathers that get dirty and worn looking after years of use but can be refreshed by professional leather cleaning.


Original Color Restored on Black Leather Chairs


The chair on the left was faded and discolored by years of use in an office lobby.  The chair on the right has been restored to the original black color.

These are just a few examples of the 100’s of leather furniture sets I have restored over the years.


3. Info on the process of working with Chris in the Baltimore/Washington/Northern Va area on leather restoration.


  • I’ve worked to make it an easy process for you.
  • Answer a few questions and I can tell you if your leather is a good candidate for restoration, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to do the work.  (Pix are helpful but not neccisary in most cases)
  • Once we decide your leather is a good candidate for refinishing,we will schedule a date and time for me to come.  I can meet you or some one who can be home for you and we can do the work in 4-8 hours. 
  • I come to you and work in your home with blankets, drop-cloths and non-toxic cleaning and refinishing supplies.
  • Once the work is completed, it is ok to use immediately.  It helps to allow it to sit overnight without much extra use but will not be wet, sticky or “off-limits” to use.
  • There is more information available at my FAQ section here.
  • Or you can contact me at 443-742-0980 or e-mail

It’s that easy.  I’ve done many of these jobs over the years.  I’m happy to talk with you and hope my skills can save your leather furniture for many more years of use,

                                                                             Christopher M. Repp


P.S.- Click here to see my monthly local services deals

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